Easy to UpdateEverything you need out of the box.

Superpowering Websites (since 2004!)

Easy to Use Features

  • 100% Responsive Website Templates
  • Easy-to-Use Admin Control Panel
  • Visual Live Edit Content Builder
  • Intuitive Container/Item Content Management
  • Content Blocks and Tools
  • Menus & Navigation Management
  • Search (Powered by ElasticSearch)
  • Single Sign-On to all Site Avenger website you control!  (SaaS version only)


Site Avenger Core Plugins (Included, no extra fees)

Site Avenger doesn't have a marketplace of add-on plugins just to get your site working. 

Look at everything that's included in each Site Avenger install:

  • Google reCaptcha on any contact form ("I am not a robot")
  • Multi-Lingual / Translations for any page, item, question, custom variable
  • Image uploads, cropping, rotating.  Fully optimized and dynamically generated on-the-fly.  Easy to setup with a CDN.
  • ElasticSearch site-wide website search features built-in.  Easy to filter by product attributes
  • Advanced Custom Fields
  • Galleries - upload & manage image and photo galleries
  • DocZones - upload & manage documents (from any source)
  • Snippets -great for FAQs, testimonials, Q&A, etc.
  • Blog / Articles - full editorial control of a blog and/or articles
  • Contact Form / Surveys
  • Promos / Rotating Content
If we think certain functionality belongs on all websites, we make it part of the core. 

Instead of farming out tons of core functionality to the whims of plugin developers, Site Avenger takes a more disciplined (and opionated) approach. 

We are putting our years of industry experience and research to good use.

We have included the core features that almost every website needs.  All core plugins are built with the speed, stability, and usability you have come to expect out of Site Avenger.  The core plugin architecture is maintained and developed by experienced Site Avenger core developers. 


Site Avenger Modules & Add-Ons (extra)

  • Calendar / Events (Google Calendar Integration)
  • Training/Registrations -with or without payment methods
  • Job Postings
  • Service Area(s) / Service Locator
  • Member's Only Area
  • Shopping Cart
  • Contests
  • Advertising


100% Customizable

If you can think it, we can probably build it. Site Avenger is, after all, a Content Management Superhero!  Seriously, we believe in our product and think it is suitable for almost every task.  If it involves the web in any way, let Site Avenger be your superhero!

Why Site Avenger?

Site Avenger is the tool for reluctant website owners and web content managers who want the ability to update their site intermittently without having to re-learn how to do simple updates each time.

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